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About Our Amazing Veteran Artists

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   Learn about our artist: Christina Helferich-Polosky

I founded Wounded Not Worthless around 2018

I recruit & promote the artists & curate the art galleries

View Christina's Online Art Gallery!

Learn about our artist: Veronika Rose

Professional artist- Focusing on murals, commissioned art, teaching acrylic painting zoom classes, event planner and retreat facilitator.

View Veronika's Online Art Gallery!


Learn about our artist: Paula Sato

Fine Art Photographer who transforms war memories into visions of peace and truth.

View Paula's Online Art Gallery!


Learn about our artist: Yvonne Renee Neal

Artist. Military veteran. Trying to give the world a hug with my artwork. My journey, starting with crayons, moving to therapeutic artistry.

View Yvonne's Online Art Gallery!


Learn about our artist: Mandy Patlan

I am a self-taught spray paint artist OIF Veteran (2008-2009). 

View Mandy's Online Art Gallery!


Learn about our artist: Bernie Donato

Art is my my space for solitude where I can tune out, unwind, and create.

View Bernie's Online Art Gallery!


Learn about our artist: Alicia Thompson

US Army Veteran, Snowboarder, Cubs Fan, English Bulldog Mom, Painter

View Alicia's Online Art Gallery!


Learn about our Artist: Maiya M. Lonesome

Self taught artist

Jersey girl, Maryland transplant

Living for the moments

View Maiya's Online Art Gallery Here!


Learn about our artist: AnnMarie Halterman!

What happens when an Air Force Veteran and highly awarded middle school department head teacher join forces? UNITING US

View AnnMarie's Gallery Here!


United States Air Force Colonel (Ret) Lisa Carrington Firmin is a Latina, combat vet, writer, poet and currently serves as the Military Liaison for the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)!

View Lisa's Gallery Here!

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