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Visionary Artist, Healer, Veteran.

Muralist, Painter, Scenic Artist, Curator

My art is a spiritual practice. 

Each painting is created and infused with the intention of healing holistically. My artwork is often a channeled vision I receive from many sources; meditation, guides, plant medicines ceremonies, sudden flashes of insight and dreams.

I sell prints of my original paintings and some originals. The prints are scanned and color matched on high quality archival paper with a faux mat and are shipped in a durable tube. Printed with the help of RT-Art based out of Central Florida. Come follow me on my art journey. 

To learn more, click my social media links at the bottom of this page, or check out my website at or

Or contact me via email to paint a custom mural, lead a veteran workshop or book me for your next event:

[email protected]

Support. Promote. Inspire.

I may be wounded in body,

but I am not worthless.