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Christina Helferich-Polosky 

-List of Works-

Upcoming Shows, Exhibits and Events

SAT 05/20/2023

ARTIST TALK - with Christina Helferich-Polosky

at nDesign Art Haus, 15 N. Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA 17013

5PM - 6PM Cocktail Hour

6PM - 9PM Artist Talk w/question and answer period directly following:)

November 9 through November 20, 2023

Latina Warrior Book of Poetry Launch Party and Events

w/USAF COL (Retired) Lisa Carrington Firmin down in the San Antonio region of Texas in galleries and colleges around Veteran's Day 2023 - more details and specifics to follow; stay tuned!

Revolving Exhibition Through 11/2023

Wounded Not Worthless Artists ON DISPLAY NOW!!

at nDesign  Art Haus, 15 N. Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA 17013

Memories Reside In the White Cliffs of Dover

on display at the British Embassy, Washington, DC 16 March 2023

The Honourable Dame Karen Pierce, British Ambassador to the United States, Uniting US, and World Wide Art Project Jolanda Aucott celebrate the first Uniting The World Through Art unveiling at the British Embassy!

Unveiling of the Uniting the World Through Art

In the 80-participant community artwork project led by Uniting US and the World Wide Art Project, the art depicts the themes of Love & Peace and Fear & War representing the individual emotions and portrayals of current realities facing humanity on 16 March 2023 at the British Embassy in Washington, DC.

My daughter, Hannah Polosky and I participated in the World Through Art community artwork collage project shown in the first picture above - and I was also honored to show my own 36" x 48" mixed media collage, pictured in the bottom snapshots of Memories Reside in the White Cliffs of Dover on that same day. 

Learn more at the Uniting US website by clicking the button here - you can even purchase FULL SIZE prints of my piece there too!

Learn More at Uniting US!

Upcoming Exhibition 

- Announcement -

We're SO proud to announce an upcoming exhibition featuring a portion of our LLC artists from across the nation IN ONE GALLERY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!! Thank you to the  Kavanagh Gallery located at the Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St. Charles, Illinois for sponsoring the exhibition: Veterans' Art: Imagery & Memory from October 13th through November 19th, 2022 in their magnificent space. I was personally honored to show a few pieces here myself a couple years ago, and was invited back to share half this wonderful gallery space to showcase the incredible female veteran voices from our WNW website this year! Seven of our artists from around the nation were able to ship their art to the gallery in time to represent the female military experience for this exhibit and I hope to represent them well at the gallery installation and opening--because the stories that we all tell through our art--the imagery and memories we choose to share with the world here this during this month--the good and the awful of it all--is powerful and meaningful and needs to be shown and heard and finally take up the space our soldiers have earned in and out of the uniform. We hope this exhibition will shine a light on their stories and their talent--spawning even more exhibitions (hopefully solo shows for the artists and more group exhibits like these) that focus on the female military experience and our often overlooked and undersold voices that the art world needs to hear. 

Harvest of the Arts Festival

Carlisle, PA / 24 September 2022

Had an incredible time with the help of my amazing daughter, Hannah Polosky, in the downtown historic district of Carlisle, Pennsylvania at their Harvest of the Arts Festival on Saturday, September 24, 2022. Some may recognize Carlisle as home to the Army's War College, but it also has a lovely little arts and history district as well. Thank you SO much to everyone who has been enormously supportive of Hannah and I these last few months (and years) as we have been finding our footing and voice here in the Pennsylvania region. We especially thank Uniting US ( for always having our back and showing our pieces in Washington, DC and beyond; our newest friend Natalie Dohman and nDesign Art Haus, LLC for all the amazing art classes (and fellowship) because continuing education is a must for any artist- and your weekly classes are just what we need to refresh our mind, body and spirit! Leslie Rhoades and Boutique On Pomfret for your endless support and appreciation from the VERY beginning-your continued friendship, support and amazing boutique is an inspiration for us and our artistic practices.We were able to get our message out yesterday and pass out every single piece of literature we had about the website and beyond and we even sold a few prints and such as well! I really believe these proceeds will put a sizable dent in the cost of shipping for our WNW artists who need assistance on shipping their pieces out to our upcoming show opening October 13th at the Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St Charles, Illinois! More to follow:)

Ukraine Rises

June 2022

Mixed Media Collage

This is a mixed media collage piece I created specifically for the humanitarian relief effort For Ukrainian People Through Art. Military veterans, family members, and friends created 2D and 3D artworks showing empathy regarding the devastation of war and seeks to raise awareness and funding to assist the Ukrainian people during this difficult time. I made the collage out of vintage Tiffany & Co. catalogs (from the 1960s through the 2000s) in an image representing the ever resilient nature of the Ukrainian people as they face the unprecedented horrors of war. If you would like to find out more about the Uniting Us campaign, CLICK HERE

This summer, FOUR GENERATIONS of my family were invited to join and the Library of Congress in Washington, DC for the From Conflict to Creativity Veterans Art Showcase and Festival, where we participated in the Live Public Mural painting of "Celebrating our Nation" (pictured here) at the MLK Jr Library June 25-27 and then I engaged as one of 35 demonstrating veteran artists at the Library of Congress, June 28-30, 2022!

Pictures of my family: daughter Hannah Liberty Polosky, son Anthony Lenio, father Rich Helferich, US Army Nurse mom from 1969-1971 Diane Helferich, and my 96 year old Grandmother, from the WW2 Cadet Nurse Corps, during our trip to Washington, DC for our MLK Jr Library Live Public Mural painting of "Celebrating our Nation" and then of my time as one of the 35 demonstrating veteran artists and I also had several original collages and prints on display in the actual halls of the Library of Congress as part of the “From Conflict to Creativity: Veteran Art Showcase” Festival.  It was as humbling as it was epic. Thank you so much AnnMarie Halterman and Tiffany Wheeler of once again for all your (literal) tireless efforts you both put forth on our behalf to make this all happen! Who else would think to bring four generations of one family together to do all this? It is so remarkable the logistics that went in to all this, and we are all so thankful to you both. This truly was a once in a lifetime experience as an artist as it was as a family! Thank you isn't enough.

2022 Collaboration with 

Boutique on Pomfret

101 North Hanover Street

Carlisle, Pennsylvania LLC had an extremely wonderful collaboration with the gorgeous Boutique On Pomfret located at 101 North Hanover Street in the beautiful historic district of downtown Carlisle, Pennsylvania from May 2022 to December 2022. On consignment was our Endowed by Her Creator pins and Rosie "Why we wear combat boots" T-shirts; as well as our completely brand new, limited edition run of luster paper prints available ONLY in the following sizes: 

10- 12"x12" of Endowed by Her Creator; 10 - 8"x10" of A National Treasure; 10 - 5"x7" of A National Treasure; 10 - 8"x10" of Warrior Rosie; and 5 - 5"x7" of Warrior Rosie. 

Each of these prints are dated, numbered, and signed by me, the artist, and clearly signify that they are Boutique on Pomfret Limited Edition Prints--a one of a kind collaboration to show LLC's gratitude for their support of the local arts! 

There are several prints in differing sizes still available--email me at [email protected] if you are interested in buying one of these prints :)

And like ALWAYS, please stop by the boutique and pick out a fresh outfit for any event or changing season because we never need a reason to shop small and support our neighborhood businesses! and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority 

Celebrating Service through the Arts 

2022 Women's History Month 

Honoring Women Military Contributions 

Female Veteran Art Exhibition

at Dulles International Airport Concourse C and Terminal A

March 2022 through the end of 2022!

Archival quality prints are available for purchase NOW of my piece "Endowed by Her Creator" on the website and 100% of all sales go to this AMAZING veterans art cooperative that has done so much for me and my art over the past two years!!


Uniting US, is a nonprofit with the mission to inspire, empower, and unite military, veterans, their families and the communities in which they live through the arts.

Founded by AnnMarie Halterman and Tiffany Wheeler, two amazing women who have an appreciation for art's healing power, together, they designed a framework to inspire people and make arts accessible, empower creativity and engagement, and unite people for meaningful discussions. Click on the image above to travel to their website to buy your print today!

“The Tradition Begins”

9”x12” Mixed Media Collage

February 2022

Prints for sale that benefit the 501(c), just click on image below:

My Grandmother was recruited out of her rural Ohio high school class in 1944 into the United States Cadet Nurse Corps, because at that time (World War II Era) most of the professional nurses had all been recruited themselves into the various Armed Services—So the way America provided nursing care to the home front was primarily through student nurses they got from the Cadet Nurse Corps. My Grandmother served from 1944 through the end of the war, graduating in 1947 (thus taking care of the many wounded Soldiers and Sailors returning home after the war’s conclusion while she was still in school). This inspired her own 30+ year career in the VA Hospital system when she became a nurse through the Corps, ultimately gaining her BSN later while working in that system, where she retired from in 1986. This collage is created from the pages of a 2017 coffee table book entitled, Women At War in World War II, specifically, Chapter 4, “The Role of Nursing Staff” pages 90-106 and a copy of my Grandmother’s own picture she has from that time of her in her cadet nurse uniform. Grandmother’s service inspired all her children to serve, and my mom, as the oldest of her six children, was no different when another war era began, this time in a country called Vietnam, and nurses were once again needed for our Soldiers abroad and in the home front.

“Our Tradition Continues”

36” x 48" Mixed Media Collage

February 2022

Not for Sale

My mother served in the Army Nurse Corps from 1969-1971—a time when people weren’t volunteering; specifically, men were being drafted. But like her mother before her, my mother lifted her right arm and volunteered during a wartime era and became a nurse by way of the United States Army. As this collage depicts, she also met my father, who was an engineering student at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio—where my mom was going to her nursing school, the same nursing school that my Grandmother had gone to while she was in the Cadet Nurse Corps—also in the city of Columbus, called the Mount Carmel School of Nursing. The Army paid for my mom’s last couple years of nursing school in return for my mom’s service in the Army Nurse Corps—where she served at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and Fort Meade, Maryland. At a time when Soldiers were getting ready to go to and returning from Vietnam. This collage was created from the pages of two books—my dad’s side from the pages of a 2020 paperback entitled Ohio State University: Student Life in the 1960s and my mom’s side, a 2017 Smithsonian coffee table book, The Vietnam War: the Definitive Illustrated History. It is the juxtaposition of these two sides, these two worlds, that my mom was juggling while she was dating and then after she was married to my father that I find most compelling. It was a different time for women in the military—so much so that many women who served not only didn’t feel like veterans when they were discharged, they were actually told they were not. I’m extremely proud of my Mother and my Grandmother’s service—they are who inspired me to become a third generation female service member in my family when I got my commission in the United States Army in 1998.

"Still Our Fight"

11" x 14" Collage on Canvas

January 2022

Contact artist at [email protected] if interested in purchasing original or prints

"Engraved Disruption"

9" x 12" Burned Wood Canvas

February 2022

Contact artist at [email protected] if interested in purchasing original or prints

In response to Lois Saperstein's January 2022 #ourbodiesourrightsourvoices Open Call, I submitted the above two pieces with the following written piece for her blog: 

"A pregnancy to a woman is perhaps one of the most determinative aspects of her life. It disrupts her body. It disrupts her education. It disrupts her employment. And it often disrupts her entire family life. And we feel that, because of the impact on the woman, this certainly in as far as there are any rights which are fundamental is a matter which is of such fundamental and basic concern to the woman involved that she should be allowed to make the choice as to whether to continue or terminate her pregnancy." 

The words of Sara Weddington, attorney for the plaintiff, Roe v. Wade, 1972.

I burned these words spoken to an all male Supreme Court in 1972 by the indomitable Ms. Weddington into a wood panel canvas recently--in preparation to explain to my 15 year daughter the idea of fundamental and equal rights--because it's time to have 'that talk' with her. And I personally needed the hours it took me to burn these words into this panel to come to grips with the idea that we live in a nation where before Roe v Wade became law in 1973, that it was fundamentally believed that women did not have the power over their own bodies that men did. That women could be forced, against their will, to disrupt all aspects of their life (body, education, employment, family) that would never be forced upon a man in this society, if men had been endowed with the XX gene. Fundamentally, we are all supposed to be created equal, endowed by the same creator--with certain unalienable rights; and while these rights were not specifically written into the Constitution (Yes, they were supposed to be inspired from the Declaration of Independence and then put immediately into the Bill of Rights and in some form inspired into many of our amendments afterwards) these are the ideas we all learn that our nation are founded upon right? It's certainly what the best of us marched about in the history books and what we want to pass on to our daughters and sons of tomorrow, correct? So why does it all seem to be slipping away today? Are our daughter's bodies today becoming less than to our son's? I am surely not raising my one daughter any differently than my four sons today to think any differently for themselves and I trust them each to make choices for their own bodies--but my son does not have the right to decide what is best for my daughter simply because he was born with a penis. This does not distinguish him differently under the Constitution, or does it? It did before 1973. Think about that. It goes beyond the idea of pregnancy here--we are talking about fundamental rights and who is entitled to them based on your sex. When we are talking about choice, we are talking about fundamental rights and if you take away our choice, you take away our rights to our bodies and our voices will follow. Is that what you want for your daughter? 

Not me. #ourbodiesourrightsourvoices

Originals currently on display at

Ndesign Art Haus Gallery

in beautiful downtown Carlisle, PA

pain in my broken

body won’t ever match the

pain from my regret

September 2021


Mixed Media Collage on Stretched Canvas in Floating Frame

By: Christina Helferich-Polosky

US Army Veteran (1998 -2009)

OIF – 2003 / OEF – 2008


I was initially inspired to create this piece for after I was given the poem In Arlington, written by Bob Martin, President of The American Rose Society from 2018-2021, For the Centennial of the Unknown Soldier 2021:

In Arlington white roses grow

And headstones mark them, row on row,

The honored dead; and in the sky

The Mourning Doves, in silence fly

To grieve the known who lie below.

We are the Dead, the ones you know

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie,

In Arlington.

While in the Tomb in marble glow:

Rests the Unknown, French soil below

In Honored Glory there he lie.

To not break faith with those that die

Our roses bloom as falling snow

In Arlington.

I meditated upon this piece for a while; because it touched a part of me that was beginning to awaken lately, especially with all the current events happening in Afghanistan—and I know veterans like me, who served during this time, all grieve a little differently—for things we lost—be it friends or family or our health or livelihoods. Our service may look different—be it WWI when the Unknown Soldier was entombed, to the wars of the Cold War Era that ran very hot many times, or the 43 days of Desert Storm whose airborne toxins still rage in the bodies of hundreds of thousands of our comrades—to today’s veterans, who, like me, have multiple combat deployments under their belt for a War on Terror that we may never quite come to terms with or understand. So, we paint, or sculpt, or draw or collage. Here, I’ve taken pieces of my actual uniform I wore during my 2008 deployment to Afghanistan with CJTF-101, as well as pieces of a unit T-shirt I wore there as well. My deployment was cut short because I got sick—really sick, exposed to an “unknown contaminant” that is still affecting my immune system to this day. I was medically retired a year later with permanent injuries and illnesses later attributed to burn pits I was exposed to during both my combat deployments. And I got mad—really mad. At the world, at my situation, and at my family at times for, what I thought, was not understanding what I was going through. And I regret that. I regret a lot. I regret my anger. I regret getting sick and cutting my career as a successful army officer short. I regret not seeing that I had a caregiver who did not really care for me. So, this piece of art—collaged together with the beautiful In Arlington poem, continues to speak to veterans of all generations—I just added my voice and my story to the pile. We are all worth hearing if you take the time. And we all end up blooming “as falling snow” somewhere, if not Arlington, then somewhere, hopefully not forgotten, and with honors. Because our stories are worth hearing, if you take the time. 

broken I stand now

like the poppy honored here

another war done?

October 2021


Mixed Media Collage on Stretched Canvas in Floating Frame

By: Christina Helferich-Polosky

US Army Veteran (1998 -2009)

OIF – 2003 / OEF – 2008


This is the second flower and spoken word piece I’ve created for in response to poems written about past wars—specifically, In Flanders Fields, written by Major John McCrae, MD a Canadian Army surgeon attached to the 1st Field Artillery Brigade, in response, some say, to the death of his friend on May 2, 1915. 

 Others say it is simply one of the most iconic poems to come out of the First World War and was penned as a memorial to all who died in the war. 

It goes:

In Flanders fields the poppies grow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard, amid the guns below.

We are the dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunsets glow;

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch, be yours to hold it high!

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

I was definitely inspired to combine the words of this poem with my own military experiences in this current collage—quite literally. 

 Maybe it’s the fact that I feel a connection recently to a war where people are forgetting about its people and its history because of all the time that has passed—like I feel my own voice and story and the voices and stories of other female Soldiers who served with me and deployed with me in 2003 (OIF) and 2008 (OEF) are now being counted by ‘decades ago’ instead of by just ‘years ago’ now. 

 I’m not sure—so I wanted to not only create something beautiful, but to also place myself into the piece itself by placing pieces of my own uniform that I deployed in, into this collage, so at least some part of me will last and be connected with the fields of poppies and the glow of sunsets past. 

I also collaged delicate fabric, typically reserved for a lingerie wardrobe, to signify my cis feminine side—to contrast the war torn environment in which I was serving—with how I am still trying to reconcile my own identity and how it fit with and into the uniform in which I served. It not only lends a beauty to the poppy petals, but it also adds a delicateness that I think all female Soldiers can relate to having to learn to bury and/or cover up about themselves when they don the very uniform they ultimately become so connected to. 

Because all veterans of all wars are connected—connected in service and connected by our voices that we must refuse to be silenced—so speak up and tell your story so we aren’t forgotten in the fields where the poppies grow. 

Pain in my broken, body won’t ever match the, pain from my regret


Broken I stand now, like the poppy honored here, another war done?

"Spectrum of the Arts" a Veterans Day Program with art exhibition and events hosted by the Honfleur Gallery in Washington, DC—November 11, 2021

September 2021 Collage Triptych

Each 5" x 7" Mixed Media Collage was created on 140lb Cold Pressed Archival Quality Acid Free Water Color Paper

Buried At The Intersection

April 2021

11" x 14" (19" x 22" framed)

Mixed Media Collage on 140lb cold pressed archival quality paper, professionally matted and framed


*Displayed at the Women's Military Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery Spring 2021 until Spring 2022 courtesy of*

*Displayed in the virtual gallery of AVAFEST2021 

October 16 - November 13, 2021*


Actual words collaged from the 2020 Report of the Fort Hood Independent Review Committee intersected with a 2021 article from Task and Purpose entitled “The Truth About False Sexual Assault Reports in the Military” and how interviews with hundreds of Soldiers at Fort Hood focus groups divided up both by rank and gender, proved what we as female Soldiers of different generations than those serving now can absolutely attest to happened daily during our time as well--nothing has seemed to have changed as to the toxic sexual assault/harassment environment in the military in general: Fort Hood is broken, yes, but that could have been any duty station on any given day in America and it’s the female Soldiers who are buried at this intersection.  We're just doing our jobs, everyday, fighting for the chance simply to be seen as equal Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen who have to relentlessly, tirelessly “learn to take a joke” and “ease up” and “not take everything so seriously.” It is the female Soldier buried by this report’s very words in this piece, over and over again, who has been let down by her very comrades in arms, over and over again, when she was told her assault she reported would be kept confidential (and it wasn’t), and by her superiors, who punished the reporter over the violator (reported here over and over again). Probably the most telling words of the report for me, that I used over and over,  and buried in this image, was this direct quote that happened during every mixed session of Soldiers being interviewed: “when female soldiers spoke up about their concerns, they were frequently shut down and essentially drowned out by the male soldiers.” Every single word used to bury this Soldier's image here, represents all those serving now and all those who have served before her, are either direct quotes from the Fort Hood report or the article from Task and Purpose that highlights the mythos surrounding false reports of sexual assault in the military. This article speaks to how it doesn’t happen (less than 1% of the time statistically speaking) yet it consistently gets brought up by our leadership, peers, and subordinates, especially during SHARP training. The mythos I'm referring to, of course, is 'the horrible situation' of all 'the innocent men' being falsely accused across the military. You know, everyone's "poor buddy” that was falsely accused of sexual assault or harassment that had his life/career ruined by that chick (who we all know was probably asking for it/just woke up the next day regretting having sex with him) when all it really does is keep the true victims from reporting actual violations. It intersects in this piece because this scapegoat idea does get brought up in the Fort Hood report, a lot, in the focus groups. It also intersects in the senior NCO/Officer focus groups that got caught up in the “semantics” of trying to define what "really" was/was not “harassing/toxic” culture. As a field grade officer myself, it truly sickened me that my male peers portrayed themselves in this way here...however, it didn’t surprise me, sadly, that they would get caught up in the victim blaming/shaming semantics and totally miss the point of the focus group in general and end up shifting the blame of why the culture was so bad in the environments they were responsible for in the first place, because I remember that culture. I spoke up in that culture, got shot down in that culture, and I've been retired since 2009. I remember. I'm not sure how many people actually took the time to read through the full Fort Hood report. It's truly enlightening if you want to see what our female Soldiers are still up against. It is a cross section of what any duty station on any given day is like in today's military. I assure you, our women are simply asking for a fair shake to do their jobs like any other Soldier. And yet, we were, and are still seen as "other." We still are buried deep by things outside of our control, when we just want to do our jobs. It's ok to be a female Soldier, we don't have to be "one of the boys" and yet we are often damned if we do, damned if we don't. It's a tight rope we walk on the daily, one we can't talk about, complain about or commiserate about, show weakness about, or show too much strength--whereas to then threaten 'others' about. It isn't about equity most days to be honest, it's about survival, and anyone who is saying anything other than that is lying to you or to themselves. There are many, many layers to being a woman in the military. And when you are addressing the issue of sexual violence and sexual assault and harassment, our female military members are buried at the intersection. 

Every. Single. Day. 

If you or someone you love is in crisis...please get help or support their journey. I believe you. Your voice matters. You matter.

If you click on the Framed Image, it will take you off my website and directly to a National Sexual Assault Hotline with confidential 24/7 support providing crisis support service for sexual assault and harassment in the form of online chat, phone support, helplines for female as well as male survivors, domestic and dating violence, victims of other crimes as well as additional resources. 

If you click on the other images, they will also take you off my website and directly to the Fort Hood report, and the Task and Purpose article that I referenced for this art piece.

Buy the Original 

Buried At The Intersection 


BURIED AT THE INTERSECTION April 2021 11" x 14" (19" x 22" framed) Mixed Media Collage on 140lb cold pressed archival quality paper, professionally matted and framed ORIGINAL; $100 add'l towards insurance, packing and shipping flat fee, anywhere in US domestic. PA 6% sales tax will be added as well. Thank you.

A National Treasure

July 2020 - Mixed Media Collage

 9"x12" original collage created with vintage Tiffany & Co. catalogs on 140lb cold pressed archival quality paper, professionally matted and framed 


Contact artist directly for purchase and shipping details at [email protected] or order through website here below

Currently on display in the amazing 

Ndesign Art Haus Gallery

located in beautiful historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania at

15 North Hanover Street

December 2022

through November 2023

No one can argue that Rosie the Riveter is one of our most cherished and shared national symbols of patriotism during WWII, but to me, she is much more than that. She is a feminist symbol of power in a time when women were not looked at or treated as truly independent people, but as mere objects, and the laws in our country treated them as such. But when our country went to war against fascist powers across the globe, it was women like Rosie who answered the call, not only from home and in the workforce, but also in uniform as well. So, I seek to represent them all in this piece, created specifically out of all shades of precious metals, diamonds, and gems that the esteemed Tiffany & Co. jewelry department store catalogs could muster across decades of their vintage catalogs I have collected over the years. To me, creating the ultimate image of Rosie here is showing her as she has always truly been: "A National Treasure” one that stands the test of time—an immaculate testament to women across the decades representing their strength, honor, resilience, and eloquence.

“Displayed at the 18th Annual Healing Arts Exhibition at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Summer 2021 until Spring 2022 courtesy of”

Displayed in the gorgeous




located in beautiful historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania at

101 North Hanover Street 

during the 

Summer of 2022

Order the ORIGINAL 

A National Treasure 


"A National Treasure" July 2020 - Mixed Media Collage, 9"x12" original collage created with vintage Tiffany & Co. catalogs on 140lb cold pressed archival quality paper, professionally matted and framed ORIGINAL.$100 add'l towards insurance, packing and shipping flat fee, anywhere in US domestic. PA 6% sales tax. Thank you.

It Is What It Is - Isolation, Introspection, and Divorce

Quarantine Art May 2020, then fully realized and updated July 25, 2020

Original 9”x12” mixed media collage on bristol board, professionally matted and framed


Contact artist directly through [email protected] for purchase and shipping details or order through website here below

(Limited Edition prints for sale on this site)

2020-2021 were both physically and mentally challenging years that had me questioning everything about who I am and what I wanted out of life. 2020 began with me questioning my VA healthcare and medications and then ended with exposing revelations about my caregiver and marriage. So, throughout quarantine and beyond, those years were a time of extremely tough realizations, turmoil and upheaval, but also a time of personal revaluation, healing, and growth. I found out, the hard way, that I am perfect the way I am and who I am, through the love and support of my immediate and extended family and friends who stood by me during the awful times and showed me that selfless love does truly exist and that I am worthy of it. 

Created from the pages of the vintage coffee table book, “The World of Beretta - An International Legend” by R. L. Wilson, Random House New York, 2000, this intimate self portrait belies how I survived quarantine and the initial months of my separation leading up to my divorce in early days of 2021- through art - slowly, purposefully, filled with military bearing (hence the reference to my firearms training) and, yes, one day at a time. Post Traumatic Growth exists and I am an example of it. 

Prints of “It is What It Is” May 2020 Version

This is a Limited Edition run of only 10 prints from the May 2020 version of my "It is What It Is" self portrait. These are the only prints of its kind in existence.  What is pictured here is the actual pic of the original 9x12 collage from that time period. Differences are slight but unmistakable in the eye, hand and throat areas from the final, July 2020 version. 

May 2020 Version of "It is What It Is" Self Portrait 8x10 Limited Edition prints on archival paper signed and numbered by the artist. Will ship flat in protected envelop. Asking $15 flat rate help towards shipping costs.

Currently on display in the gorgeous 

Ndesign Art Haus Gallery

located in beautiful historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania at

15 North Hanover Street 

 December 2022 through November 2023 

Experimenting with the contemporary idea of collage making by literally stretching the boundaries of how far and how large you could construct a piece and still keep it intimate in idea and structure—I used my computer to digitally manipulate my earlier piece, “A National Treasure,” by enlarging and inverting her. I then collaged a new original piece (the tattoo) directly onto the enlarged image and placed her onto another collaged background of original WWII Stars and Stripes newspaper front pages and articles; thus, producing an active image of Rosie revealing her newly acquired 101st Airborne Division 'combat patch' tattoo (the above referenced original collage taken from additional vintage Tiffany & Co. catalog pieces). These small parts lovingly pieced together form a larger whole: all to pay homage to these great female fighters of the past, all the way back to WWII, where so many 'Rosies' paved the way for their women and men to serve, to my service in the same Division in Afghanistan in 2008, where I bear the same combat patch tattoo as Rosie here. I value their and her service just as much, if not more, than all the jewels and precious metals her image is created from here. Whether you served on the front lines or supported our troops from wherever you could, your service and sacrifice is deserving of an image just as large and just as precious as this one.

Warrior Rosie:
Our National Treasure

July 2020

48” x 36”

Mixed Media Collage on Stretched Canvas


Contact artist directly for purchase and shipping details at [email protected] or through website below

**Warrior Rosie was displayed at a biennial Veteran's art exhibition from November 6 to November 28, 2021 at The Delaplaine Arts Center in Frederick, Maryland showcasing artwork made by former service members of the United States military invited alongside my other piece Presents of Bronze**

Pictured above displayed in a gorgeous shop named the 

Boutique on Pomfret also located in lovely downtown Carlisle, PA at

101 North Hanover St.  during the Summer of 2022

**The Original was displayed at the Takoma Park Community Center in Takoma Park, Maryland from Spring 2021 until Spring 2022 courtesy of**

“A Limited Edition Print was displayed at the 18th Annual Healing Arts Exhibition at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center from the summer of 2021 until the spring of 2022 courtesy of (pictured top right)"

**Endowed by Her Creator  IS NOW available in puzzle form starting November 11, 2021 through until further notice!!**

Made from vintage US Army logistician and transportation magazines from the late 1990s and 2000s, this Rosie the Riveter inspired collage is shattering her way through her chosen field of combat service support honoring her sisters that went before her and inspiring the ones still in the fight as well as those yet to come. This collage also specifically represents my own service in combat service support as a proud 88A / US Army Transportation Officer from 1998 to 2009 (with a smattering of FA30 - Info Ops thrown in there at the end for good measure:) My service as a combat service supporter, and a female Soldier, has shown me that everyone has a story and everyone has a voice. It is time to make ours heard. And guess what? While all our stories are inspiring, not every story is nice or warm or touchy feely-but they all deserve to be heard. So, as we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, proudly tell your story, not only because it makes it easier for those women who come after us; but also because your voice is worth hearing, and your service is worth honoring! 

Combat Service Support has been the bastion for how women have been able to climb through the ranks and make a difference when the other services and military occupation specialties were closed to us. 

So be proud of your service, like Rosie is depicted here: 

Endowed by Her Creator-strong-proud-patriotic-and above it all: A Transporter!

"Endowed by Her Creator"


12" x 12"

Original Collage on Stretched Canvas in a Floating Frame

original NFS

valued at $8500

Contact artist directly through [email protected] for details regarding exhibition requests and instructions

This is why we wear combat boots ladies - to march on all that glass we keep shattering!

May 7, 2022 Endowed by Her Creator  on display at the Boutique on Pomfret in Carlisle, PA for Keep it Small Saturday, pictured here with shop owner Leslie Rhoades and founder Christina Helferich-Polosky

Limited Edition Prints of 

"Endowed by Her Creator"

Only 50 available! Printed on archival paper, signed and numbered by the artist.  Shipped flat (not rolled) with cardboard backing and double wrapped (plastic sleeve and padded envelope) for $10 flat fee anywhere in US and APO. No International shipping at this time. Please allow for extended shipping/delivery times during the COVID-19/USPS delayed deliveries situation. You can also purchase these prints in person by stopping by nDesign Art Haus at 15 N. Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA and save yourself the shipping costs! We do have several already framed for an additional fee on sale here as well:) Come on in and take a look!

"Endowed by Her Creator" Limited Edition Print Approx. 10 3/4" x 11" from our first run, archival paper, each signed and numbered by the artist; $10 packed and shipped flat fee. 6% PA tax. Thank you.

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My piece "Endowed By Her Creator" was chosen by Operation Arts/Fest, Women Who Serve: an initiative of the ARTSHOUSE and its’ program Creative Voices: Women Empowered to celebrate and highlight the essential role that creativity and the arts in all its forms plays in the process of healing, self-expression, telling of their stories, and the resilience of female veterans--and to be turned into a puzzle!! You can click the button below and it will take you directly to the website below where you can order my Rosie puzzle and find out more about ARTSHOUSE, the other phenomenal female veterans and their puzzles, as well as the other fantastic non profits that Jiggy Puzzles routinely teams up with on their amazing website!

 Size: 500 piece puzzle

Puzzle dimensions: 20 x 16 inches

Box dimensions: 9 x 6 x 3 inches

Each JIGGY x Arthouse puzzle comes in a reusable drawstring bag, box and includes puzzle glue to preserve your masterpiece!

Click to BUY Rosie Puzzle HERE!!

**The original was displayed at the Women's Military Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery from the spring of 2021 until early fall 2021 courtesy of**

**A Limited Edition Print was on display at the Hill Center Gallery at the Old Naval Hospital in Washington, DC  during the summer of 2021 until early 2022 courtesy of**

**A Limited Edition Print was on display at the Takoma Park Community Center in Takoma Park, Maryland during the spring of 2021 until early 2022 courtesy of**

This piece was created out of a solitary wooden panel, then burned and stained, so as to ultimately contain the last names and dates of death for each of the 149 female Soldiers killed in action as part of the US War on Terror which includes OIF, OEF, and most recently Syria, that America has fought 2002-2019. I didn’t make this to say their deaths are or are not any more or less important than their male counterparts; however, Her Voices does want to confront and recognize that over 98% of the names burned into this patriotic surface are Soldiers killed in combat before our country "officially allowed" women to serve on the "front lines” in 2016. To be fair, we know women have been in, around, and fought on the front lines since war began, we just haven't allowed history to recognize this fact. Her Voices cries out into this void.

"Her Voices"



18" x 24"

Burned and Stained Wood Panel


Contact artist directly through [email protected] for purchase and shipping details or order through the site below

"Spectrum of the Arts" a Veterans Day Program with art exhibition and events hosted by the Honfleur Gallery in Washington, DC—November 11, 2021

FRESH WORK an Exhibition by ARTUP Memphis, TN

Presented by Students from Austin Peay State University 

August 26, 2019 


I presented two pieces at the ARTUP Gallery in Memphis, TN as part of the city's RiverArtsFest, a street celebration of fine arts and fine local music with live artist demonstrations and hands-on art activities. The two pieces I showed were:

"Salvageable - Beautiful Disappointments"


"Her Voices"

pictured above. Our Professor, Desmond Lewis, a local Memphis artist himself, arranged the exhibition with this local gallery for the students.

**The original of Presents of Bronze was displayed at the biennial Veteran's art exhibition from November 6 to November 28, 2021 at The Delaplaine Arts Center in Frederick, Maryland showcasing artwork made by former service members of the United States military invited alongside my other piece Warrior Rosie**

The canvas base of this piece is a blown up version of my actual Bronze Star certificate where I drew with black permanent marker a self portrait from my time in Iraq during my 2003 deployment. I took red embroidery floss and punctured and dissected this portrait and award, where I created a "found" poem from the words of the award itself. Like most vets/wounded warriors, it is hard to accept an award when you have members of your unit not recognized or come back injured or not at all. I find female vets especially downplay any form of achievement. The poem reads: 

These presents of bronze; 

Displayed and enhanced; 

Despite any accomplishment; 

Reflects upon herself; 

A force now obsolete.

Presents of Bronze


16" x 20"

Collage of Embroidery Floss, Permanent Black Marker, Black Ink on Stretched Canvas

not for sale

"Spring Sprang and then Sprung: My little literal GEM of a take on gardening this year..."

(AKA: Garden of Vintage Delights)

April 2021

5"x7" Mixed Media Collage created from vintage Tiffany & Co. catalogs on 140lb cold pressed archival paper, brushed with clear acrylic medium, matted and placed in 8" x 10" frame

gifted to dear friend

**Was displayed at the Art with Heart & Hope Fundraising Gala October 28, 2021--An Evening to Celebrate the Healing Power of Art for the Patients and Caregivers of**

 My entry for’s Spring 2021 recycle art competition...puns were ENCOURAGED and I LOVE a good pun so I came up with this Tiffany & Co. inspired collage created entirely from the pages of the following specific vintage Tiffany & Co. catalog editions dated: 1976-77, 1984-85, 1986 Fall Selections, 1990 Holiday Selections, 1990 Winter Selections, 1990 Fall Selections, 1990 Spring Selections, 1991 Holiday Selections, 1991 Fall Selections, and 1991 Summer Selections. The parameters of the competition required at least 60% must be recycled/upcycled content. For this piece, the only technically ‘non-recycled’ parts of this piece are: the 5”x7” sheet of 140lb cold pressed water color paper I used as the base of my collage (however, I did already have this paper on hand as part of an old pad) and an 8”x10” frame I got last year in a clearance bin for under $5.

I won 2nd place!

Currently on display and for sale at 

nDesign Art Haus Gallery

15 N Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA

Storm on the Mountain

May 2019

16” x 13” framed

Mixed Media Collage on 140lb Cold Pressed Archival Paper


Inspired and taken from the pages of the collage magazine Cut Me Up, this particular piece was central to my becoming a collage artist. In fact, it was after creating this particular artwork from this issue that I submitted for publication (that was rejected I might add—which is all a part of the process of learning and becoming) that truly cemented in my mind that yes, I felt that collage was my calling—the way I could fully articulate myself and my passion as well as my pain through art. I have weathered many a storm on many a mountain top in my life—and they have all, thus far—found a way to see its way through to the other side—a wondrous, beautiful side that was so worth the journey and the pain to get there.   


created from vintage 

Tiffany & Co catalogs

Interested in commissioning your very own collage made from vintage Tiffany & Co catalogs? Now  you can! Price includes vintage materials created into one original collage on a 8"x10" 140lb cold pressed piece of archival paper. Price includes FREE flat rate shipping for all continental US locations. International shipping available, but cost is paid by buyer on a case by case basis. At least thirty day turn around, will correspond with buyer if longer. Once you have paid, you can choose the subject of the collage from a person, place, or thing! Right now animals are what people are commissioning the most, as you can see from the sampling of my latest commissions to the left. You can send a picture of what you want 'represented' in the collage, or give me a general guideline, like: cat, dog, turtle, or giraffe:)  Other sizes, as well as other collage mediums available upon request and through separate price negotiation with the artist directly at [email protected] (see some examples on photo canvases pictured left, but let's talk your ideas!).

Custom 8"x10" Collage created from vintage Tiffany & Co catalogs. Contact artist at [email protected] with your piece choice after purchase.


11" x 14"

Mixed Media Collage on Photo Canvas

April 2021

not for sale - gifted

This piece is created from vintage Tiffany & Co. catalog pieces collaged onto a photo canvas taken from an enlarged snapshot garnered from one of my sister-in-law's Facebook milestone events from when my nephew graduated college. I wanted to commemorate this time in both their lives as a Christmas gift to them this year, as they are both a fan of art and creative expressionism in their lives. Congratulations!

For Christmas 2020, I took the Facebook/Instagram profile picture of my youngest son and his girlfriend and had it blown up onto a 16 x 20 picture canvas. Their favorite TV Show/graphic novel is Avatar: The Last Airbender, so I ordered several Avatar graphic novels and used them to create this mixed media collage. To get the final "painterly" effect, I added a top layer of clear gloss acrylic medium with a large headed brush so you can see thick paint brush strokes across the entire canvas, which also seals the collaged images in as well. This was my son's favorite gift under the tree this year.

Avatar Kisses​

16" x 20"

Mixed Media Collage on Photo Canvas

December 2020

Not for sale - gifted