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Welcome to

An Online Art Gallery Collective

Showcasing Female Military, Veteran and Wounded Warrior Artists

My name is Christina Helferich-Polosky.  

I was 100% disabled and medically retired by the US Army in 2009 after 11+ years of successful active duty service for illnesses and injuries-most later attributable to unknown airborne chemical, environmental and burn pit exposures-that occurred during my combat deployments to Kuwait/Iraq (OIF-2003) and Afghanistan (OEF-2008). For years after, I let my "invisible wounds" define who I was and how I saw myself: worthless. Out of those dark moments, I turned to art as a way to express what I could barely say out loud: 

"I may be wounded, but I'm NOT worthless!"

So I created this site to specifically showcase current female military, veteran and wounded warrior artists, like myself, from all branches of the US Military to give us all the voice I thought I had lost for all those years. 

Please join me in helping to support, promote, and empower these artists. 

We may be wounded, but we refuse to consider ourselves worthless any longer. 

And now is the time!

Can we please sit down and have an honest conversation without being marginalized again by being labeled just another group of angry females? Our experiences matter and they are all worth sharing! From the wonderful to the awful. We matter, our art matters and we are not alone. There are other female military members, veterans and wounded warriors using art in similar ways to me and it is time we shine a light on us all; so: 


Donate Directly to Wounded Not Worthless Here:

We Are Actively Recruiting Female Military / Veteran / Wounded Warrior Artists! 

Contact us TODAY!

Chris Helferich-Polosky


Art helps me create a new narrative by which my invisible wounds inspire, instead of impede me. 

Veronika Rose


Visionary Artist, Healer, Veteran.

Muralist, Painter, Scenic Artist, Curator.

Paula Sato


Fine Art Photographer who transforms war memories into visions of peace and truth.

Yvonne Renee Neal


I believe that everyone is creative and it only takes one spark to lead a person to their passion.

[email protected]

Mandy Patlan


Amazing spray paint artist who began using art as a form of therapy.

Bernie Donato


Art is my my space for solitude where I can tune out, unwind, and 


Alicia Thompson


My inspiration is usually things I find calming and peaceful.

Maiya M. Lonesome


Creating is something that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

AnnMarie Halterman


Inspired to focus on nonprofit and inclusive arts initiatives,  AnnMarie founded in 2020 for veteran artists in her community.

Lisa Carrington Firmin


Her poetry is deeply personal, an intimate reflection into the invisible wounds of MST, PTSD, trauma, hardship, and combat.

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Are you a Female  Current Military Member Veteran/Wounded Warrior Artist? Contact us today!

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Wounded Not Worthless Online Art Gallery Collective

Now Stationed in Davenport, Iowa!

[email protected]